General Hospital Ernakulam

Generally any Government Hospital gets very inadequate funds to purchase medicines and hence not enough medicines are available for free supply. Most cancer patients cannot afford the treatment as the medicines are very expensive. This requirement made SM Foundation to decide to support needy cancer patients. This was achieved in association with the Oncology Department of General Hospital, Ernakulam.

SM Foundation helps in buying medicines which are used in general for cancer patients. These medicines are kept in the store and used whenever any patient requires them. SM Foundation has also decided to sponsor patients for their complete treatment. Such sponsorship will be a great help to patients who cannot afford such treatment.

These supports are currently rendered at the General Hospital, Ernakulam, with the help of the Oncology Department. Plans are afoot to extend the support to other areas also.

Events-Quiz Competition

Sandeep was an avid quizzer. He was one person who actively promoted and supported budding quizzers. Illuminati, the Quiz Club of Model Engineering College, of which Sandeep was the founder and active member, has decided to conduct an Annual Quiz Competition- The Illuminati Quiz - ( in Sandeep's memory.

The major sponsors for the event are Apache Design Solutions ( the company where Sandeep worked) and the XMEC- the alumni association of the Model Engineering College. This event is meant to develop the quizzing habits of students. SM Foundation also joins with the Illuminati in making this annual event a great success.

Educational support

One of the objectives of SM Foundation is to support students in their education. The Foundation has started implementing this objective by giving a financial aid to a student of 11th standard at a village in Alappuzha district.