Treatment given on March 13 th 2009 to patients at General Hospital , Ernakulam

Friday, 13th March 2009 was Sandeep's 25th birthday. We decided to sponsor for the medicines for the day for Cancer patients undergoing treatment at General Hospital, Ernakulam on that day.

The following patients got the chemo medicines which were not readily available in the hospital, for that day. The total cost for the medicines came to INR 14,771/- ( USD 300/- approximately)

1.Thankappan-66 years-Carcinoma Colon

Husband of Kamalakshy,Thiriparambil,Thaikattukara, Ernakulam Dt., with Hospital IP no: 5549. He had inoperable Ca colon and even a Colostomy was not possible. He was on cisplatin and etoposide and was symptomatically better. Now he has cutaneous nodules and signs of obstruction. He is on Injection Oxaliplatin 100mg IV on Day 1, Inj 5FU 500mg Iv on Day 2, Injection Calcium Leucovorin 30 mg on Day 3.Dr.Rosy has advised 6 cycles.

2.Unni Joseph-53 years -Carcinoma Rectum

Husband of Mercy joseph, Kalayil House, Shenoy Road, Kaloor, Kochi with Hospital IP no:5032. He had Ca Rectum and has a colostomy and is on adjuant chemotherapy as advised by Dr. Vinodkumar, Radiotherapist of General Hospital ,Ernakulam. He was advised Injection Oxaliplatin 150 mgon Day 1, Injection 5FU 700 mg on Day 2, Injection calcium leucovorin 50 mg on day 3.

3.Narayanan -67 years- Carcinoma Cheek

He has Carcinoma cheek , post radiotherapy recurrence. He was advised a single Injection of Docitaxil 100 mg by Dr.Rosy of General Hospital Ernakulam.