Case History of Ashraf

Asharaf, 53 yrs, residing at Kodikuthumala Aluva, Kochi, presented with abdominal pain and distention. His CT scan showed a heterogenous lesion of the small bowel with multiple hypodense lesions in his liver. Biopsy from liver confirmed the diagnosis of Gastrointestinal stromal tumour ( GIST ), which represents the most common kind of tumour that arises from the alimentary tract. GIST is resistant to most of the conventional chemotherapies. He has to undergo treatment for nearly 3 months. The expected total cost of the treatment is approximately Rs.27,000/- (USD 575/-).

Asharaf, was working as a manual labourer and has a family consisting of wife and four daughters. Three daughters are married and the youngest daughter, 18 yrs. is studying. Asharaf, his wife and the youngest daughter stays in a rented house. He is unable to work now and hence the income to the family is more or less nil. And so he has no means for meeting the expenses for the treatment. His married daughters or other close relatives are also not in a good financial condition to support him for his treatment.

Coming to know about the financial condition of Asharaf, his treating Doctor, Dr. Rosy of the General Hospital, Ernakulam, referred his case to SM Foundation. After reviewing his situation, SM Foundation decided to support him, by purchasing medicines for his treatment. He is now undergoing treatment under Dr. Rosy.