Case History of Mrs.Mariam

Mariam, wife of the late Clement, Parasseril, Eroor, Kochi has 3 sons. Eldest son, Saju is a Welder and the other two sons, Biju & Siju both doing apprentice ship in plumbing. They are living in a housing colony with 2 cents of land, donated by the Government.

She had Carcinoma breast on right side, had modified radical mastectomy at General Hospital Ernakulam by Dr. Molly Elizabeth in April 2007. Against medical advice she underwent herbal treatment for 6 months and then reported for chemotherapy .She had her first chemotherapy in December 2008. She could complete 8 courses of treatment with the support from the General Hospital and from others. A review by Dr.Rosy, Oncologist on 05 November 2009 has shown metastasis to left side with axillary lymphnode involvement. Now She is diagnosed to have Ca breast with secondaries in opposite breast with local recurrence to chest wall.

She was referred to Sandeep Menon Foundation in November 2009 by Dr.Rosy, for future chemo and relevant treatment and the Foundation has decided to support her for further treatments.