Case History of A.R Mohanan

A.R Mohanan, 45 years, residing at Sreemoolanagaram, Ernakulam District is diagnosed wth Carcinoma Rectosigmoid with Liver Metastases .He had a colostomy, eight months back, at the Medical Truct Hospital, Kochi. For further treatment, he approached General Hospital Ernakulam, from where he was referred to the Regional Cancer Center, Trivandrum, for considering him for clinical trial. However, as they did not have any Clinical Trial in this case, he was referred back to General Hospital, Ernakulam.

His disease was not operable, but he has the chances of survival advantage with Chemotherapy. Considering his age and good health, he has more chances with combination Chemotherapy and the expected cost of the treatment is Rs. 25,000/- ( USD 500/-)

Mohanan, a Gold smith by profession, has not been working for the last eight months. He has a family consisting of wife and a son studying in 8th class and a daughter of 20 years and finds it difficult to make the both ends meet.

He was referred to SM Foundation by Dr. Rosy K.A, General Hospital, Ernakulam who is planning the chemotherapy .His daughter was very upset and worried if her father would be able to get the treatment at all for lack of money. SM Foundation has informed its decision to support him and he is undergoing the treatment now.