Case History of Mrs.Radhamony

Radhamony, 49 years, wife of Mr.Vijayan , Kakanattu, Kumbalam was diagnosed with Carcinoma ovary. Her illness started with complaints of abdominal swelling, dysuria and aversion to food for one and a half months. Her USG showed ascites (collection of fluid in abdomen) and abdominal mass. Her CT abdomen showed large adenexal mass with multiple pelvic deposits and moderate ascites and peritonal nodes. On 3 rd February , 2009, she had total abdominal hystrectomy and bilateral salpingoophorectomyand pelvic lymph node dissection, which was done free of charge at AIMS Kochi. She came to General hospital for chemotherapy and she had her first post op chemo from 19 th March 2009.

Her husband used to work as a fisherman, but now unable to work following a laparotomy 5 years back. She has three children. Two sons 23 and 19 years, both undergoing apprenticeship for jobs lke aluminium fabrication and electrical wiring .The daughter, 17 years is doing graduation in Commerce.

Radhamony is now now on chemotherapy with Carboplatin and Paclitaxel every three weeks , as advised by Dr.Rosy KA , Radotherapist at General Hospital, Ernakulam. One Injection costs INR 4500/- ( USD 90/- approximately). She was referred to Sandeep Menon Foundation on 31 st March, 2009 by Dr.Rosy, for future chemo and relevant treatment. We have arranged for her treatment from 4th April.