Case History of Mr. Varghese

Varghese, 34 yrs, residing at Kandakappilly (H), St Jacobs Road, Pambai moola, Edacochin, Cochin, has wife and two kids studying at 5th & 3rd standard. He resides in a rented house. By profession he was a driver but due to his illness and related seizure disorders , he is out of job.

He was evaluated for complaints of headache and double vision. MRI was suggestive of Glioma. He underwent Craniotomy and partial decompression on 24 November 2007. He was given post operative radiation of 55 Gy in 30 fractions. He was on Chemotherapy with CCNU and Vincrinstine. He was receiving treatment at MCH Kottayam under care of Dr. Mahadevan Asso. Prof. Of Radio Therapy. He was then referred to General Hospital Ernakulam as he was not able to afford cost of treatment and travelling expenses. The cost of his treatment will come around  Rs. 750/ ( US Dollar 15/- approximately) per cycle and it has to be repeated at 6 weeks interval.

He had been referred to Sandeep Menon Foundation and we have decided to support him for his treatment.

In addition to the treatment support, Varghese also wishes, if he could get a job which needs less physical effort so that he can support his family in whatever way he can.