Case History of Mr.Velayudhan

Velayudhan, 57 years, Thenganal, Perumbavoor has wife Leela and three children- 2 married daughters and one son . Now he is staying with his son in a government land. His illness started as swelling on the skull bone which was noted in January 2008.CT showed hyperdense lesion and was diagnosed with Multiple myeloma.

He had 20 radiations and had chemo for 3 months, with routine blood checkup monthly. He stopped Chemotherapy as he could not afford and opted for alternative medicine Now for the last three months he has back pain for which he was advised lumbar belt by Orthopaedic Surgeon at Sanjoe Hospital ,Perumbavoor. When the pain became severe, he reported to Dr. Rosy at General Hospital, Ernakulam. He was given 5 doses of Radiotherapy from 16 th March 2009 and was given Morphine tablets 10 mg for pain relief.

He is being planned for chemotherapy with  Melphelan + Prednisolone.25 tablets of Melphelan will cost around Rs. 5000/- ( US Dollar 100/- approximately), which will be sufficient for 2 cycles.

His case was referred to Sandeep Menon Foundation and we have decided to support him for the future Chemotherapy.